What Is Distance Education

Taking into account your current savings, expected monthly contribution, and projected costs, this calculator quantifies the funding shortfall you could expect to be left with. This shortfall will have to be covered by loans or other funding sources. Sending your 1 year old child to an In-state public in 2035 for 4 years will cost about for a family with a household income of $100,000.

News ranks the top online MBAs, CIS, education, nursing, and engineering degrees to name but a few. By the same token, other programs at the same schools may not rate as highly on U.S. Diploma mills, also known as degree mills, are essentially phony colleges that sell fake diplomas and other educational credentials. Some of these institutions promising fast, easy online degrees are actually sophisticated Internet scams. Others appear more vague in terms of their legitimacy, offering short-term degrees in exchange for some form of academic work, such as a thesis or dissertation.

Compliance is a large part of college sports today, colleges across the country who are involved with the NCAA are all required to comply to the NCAA's rules and regulations. The penalties for colleges and student- athletes who do not comply with their rules and regulations. are pretty serious, they could lose trophies if it is a college sport as a whole or if it is an individual student- athlete they can be kicked from a roster or lose a year or two of eligibility. That is why so many colleges have started to staff their own compliance offices to make sure every sport and athlete is following these rules and regulation, so they don't get hit with penalties. Being a college student as well as a student-athlete definitely has many trade-offs. A student athlete has to be disciplined to say “no” when it comes to parties, formals, mixers and essentially socializing like we would as non-athletes.


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